7 Signs You’re Stronger than you Think.

Before reading the below let’s just all remember I am DEFINITELY not a Doctor, Psychologist, Researcher or anything else that makes me officially qualified to give any type of advice😋

BUT what I do have is 7 years of experience living a life in a way I never imagined. As I continue to endure a life with a chronic illness, it has forced me to learn many life lessons, one MAJOR one being that most often we are stronger than we think and sometimes we just need a little reminder as to why. 🤔❓

I feel we all need to give ourselves a little more credit as we look back and realize all we have accomplished so far in this crazy life… AND how strong these experiences have made us, despite how much some of them may down right SUCK 😫

So readers, I hope by the time you reach the end of this post, you will gain strength by knowing you have endured or conquered one, some or ALL of the 7 signs below. ♥️


If you’ve woken up today, faced the daily grind with enthusiasm and optimism and conquered any battles thrown your way…You’re stronger than you think!


One of the most difficult things we will ever have to face is CHANGE. No one likes getting uncomfortable. We are creatures of habit! So when it is time to make a life-altering decision, it can be VERY stressful. Whether you’ve moved, changed jobs, gotten married, gotten divorced, started a family, or any other type of major change AND have become more resilient because of it… You’re stronger than you think!


Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a hope or dream you once had, or MAYBE even the loss of yourself… It is the FURTHEST thing from easy and the LAST thing anyone wants to face. Grieving is extremely tough on the body both emotionally and physically, and although it usually does get somewhat easier… It never EVER fully goes away. If you’ve endured loss and you’ve picked yourself back up again… You’re stronger than you think!


Coming from a sales background, I have firsthand experience in knowing what it’s like to call people you don’t know, and FULLY expect them to say NO to whatever is you are selling. This is only one example…but I’m positive there are many other situations that give you the ‘goosebumps’ before giving yourself the ‘Go Ahead’. However, regardless of the situation…you’re not afraid to do the things that make you feel uncomfortable, or embrace new adventures, and for that reason alone, You’re stronger than you think!


Whether it’s to a person, a job, an idea, a toxic situation, or an ideal world that you once had envisioned…saying goodbye is never easy. It means letting go of something for which you once held so much hope, or letting go of something/someone you’ve cherished with all your heart…. Saying goodbye, regardless of the reason, often leads to heartbreak in a multitude of different ways. If you’ve been through and possibly continue to endure a situation like this… You’re stronger than you think!


Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Car Accident…only a few of the many life threatening health scares we may face. All of which force us to see our life flash before our eyes. If you have ever been faced with any of the above, or any other life threatening scares, AND you’re still here to tell the story…You’re DEFINITELY Stronger than you think!

And last but not least… The one closest to my heart...


Whether you are the person who has been diagnosed, or a spouse, family member or friend watching and supporting someone you love fight their battle… It’s both difficult and heartbreaking.  Living with a chronic illness means you have endured your ‘new’  life so far, and you will continue to do so for the rest of your life. If you have to wake up every morning with a chronic illness and you CHOOSE to face the world with a smile despite how you’re​ feeling inside…You’re stronger than you think!

As I said, I’m no specialist! BUT if there’s anything you choose to believe after reading this post, PLEASE believe this;

You do NOT have to have a strong body to have a strong mind. I am living proof of this. As I see my muscles atrophy despite my efforts to stop it, my mind must get stronger. 

SO, regardless of how you feel physically…please please please NEVER stop fighting and NEVER lose hope. THE MIND IS A POWERFUL THING♥️💪



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