The Waiting Game

Much of our time during a day is spent WAITING.

In FACT, the average person will spend approximately 5 years of their life SOLELY waiting in lines.

But there is no shortage of ways we will find ourselves waiting and inevitably find the minutes of our lives ticking by.

We will most definitely find ourselves waiting for the bus, waiting in traffic, waiting for traffic lights to turn green, waiting in line for coffee, or simply waiting for our turn in the bathroom. 

We often spend time waiting for mail to arrive, job offers to come through, or for our favourite holiday to come back around. 

We wait for our children to pick out their favorite shirt, to put away their toys, to say sorry when they’ve crossed the line, or even just to give us a great BIG hug! 

We wait for the weekend to arrive, to see our spouse and children at the end of a long day, and can’t wait until our closest friends and family come to visit.

During less favourable times, we wait for a diagnosis, a medication to work, a weaning off of a medication which didn’t, and we wait until a better one comes along. 

We spend time waiting for both good  and bad news to arrive, for a cold or flu to pass, and we wait for a rainy day to become sunny. 

We wait for our laundry to be done, dinner to cook, and the dishwasher to finish. 

We wait for the coffee to finish brewing, the kettle to come to a boil, and for our tea to steep. 

We wait for our first kiss, an eventual marriage proposal, and the inevitable “I Do.” A moment which at one point can’t come soon enough, becomes the moment we wish we could place on repeat.

Us women wait a whole nine months (often impatiently) for our little miracle to grow inside of us, and then like a flip of a switch, we wish for nothing more than to have time slow down.

We often find ourselves waiting to see changes in our body, changes in our mood, and changes in our lifestyle. 

We can’t wait for the day we finally reach our goals, our accomplishments, or witness the goals and accomplishments of others being conquered. 

The list of all the MANY things in life for which we wait, goes on and on and on… And as LIFE goes on itself, there will CONSTANTLY be new reasons to wait. 

However in my opinion, there is a huge take away by acknowledging all the above, and that is we must become and remain PRODUCTIVE while we wait. 

The biggest thing in life I am currently waiting for, is for my stem cells to repair damage on my spinal cord. Something that could be absolutely Life-Changing for me. BUT if I simply just wait, simply just wonder, or simply just imagine a life outside of a wheelchair, It may quite possibly do more harm than good. 

I’ve come to the realization that I CANNOT just simply wait. Life is far too short for that.

I must remain patient but I must also remain productive. That is… eating well, treating my body well, exercising in any way I can, spending quality time with my family and friends, and continuing along my own personal journey with Wheelchair Tennis. 

As I’ve mentioned before, this sport has given me an avenue to apply my competitive spirit, regain a level of Independence, and distract my mind from all of the symptoms I must push through on a daily basis. 

The pain is never gone, and neither is the suffocating fatigue, tightness or inability to walk. But when I’m on that court, hitting that ball… My mind, for THAT instant, becomes distracted and I become productive. 

SO… Whatever it is you are waiting for, whether it be big or small, take time to fill your mind with positive and productive thoughts. 

While you wait in line for that coffee, possibly think of one kind gesture you could do for someone else. OR while you wait for that last load of laundry, maybe think of one positive change you could make in your life. 

There is ALWAYS something we can do while we wait. Whether we are waiting for minutes, days, months, or years, become PRODUCTIVELY patient and enjoy the journey of life! 

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