My Book Has Been Published!

2.5 years in the making and the day has finally arrived!

My book “The Girl In The Wheelchair: It’s Not That Bad” has been published and now available through Amazon!
(Please see link below)

The e-book edition will be available in approximately one week through Kindle.

A virtual launch party will be taking place soon. Please stay tuned for those details!

For those of you wanting a signed copy, please let me know once you receive your book and we can definitely arrange that. For those of you not comfortable ordering through Amazon, please let me know and I can get a copy for you.

A huge thanks to those of you who have already purchased a copy and for those of you who will purchase one in the future. I hope that in some way, all or most of you will be able to relate to a part of my story.

(Please also note there is a book with a similar title called “The Girl in A Wheelchair” So when ordering, please make sure to double-check the cover and author)

By sharing this post, you will help me immensely in spreading the word about my book. Thanks so much for all of your support in this continued and exciting part of my journey! ✍️📒🎉

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One thought on “My Book Has Been Published!

  1. Rebecca (Becky) Courson says:

    Hi, Gillian. I just finished reading your book. I was so inspired and proud of you! You are an amazing person! I taught you in Grade Four in the mornings, Mrs. Courson, (Becky) and Madame HEDEMANN taught in the afternoons. When you said you started to be bullied at 9 years old, I knew that was the year you were in my class. I felt terrible as I don’t think I had any idea. But when I read about what you have achieved and overcome, I am in awe. I wish you all the best Gillian, and I thank you for sharing your incredible story!


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