This Girl is Back on the Road!

Today marks a MAJOR milestone in my fight against MS.

After 13 months of no longer being able to drive, I’m FINALLY back on the road!

In August the process began with medical paperwork submitted to Service Ontario which then lead to a LONG wait and the eventual approval to begin the licencing process of driving with hand controls.

I had to start from the very beginning with the G1 written test, then specialized training with Appex, and finally the dreaded road test.

I ended up passing, and we bought a Honda SUV shortly after. The vehicle then had to be modified with not only hand controls but also a power lift at the back to get my wheelchair in and out.

Today was the day of vehicle modification, and I once again got to feel what it’s like to regain some level of independence.
Driving with hand controls is obviously a completely different approach to driving, and as with anything else, practice is required.

With that being said, today I took on the ambitious task of driving from the installation site in Waterloo ALL the way to Grimsby (during rush hour), and crossed off many major Highways in Ontario while doing so!😂 We then went for dinner with Landon and my parents to celebrate and although there were 3 able bodied people very capable of driving, I insisted on driving us all.

My next stop will likely be the pharmacy, and somehow over the past 13 months of relying on others, this has become quite the exciting destination.

All the things once taken for granted, are slowly but surely becoming SO valued as I get them back (one way or another)
Never give up on your independence as it is the one thing that will ALWAYS keep you going.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me in accomplishing this life-changing goal. A new lease on life has officially been granted! ❤️😘🚗 #neverlosehope
#NEVERgiveup #fightingthefight #thelittlethingsbecomebigthings #findingotherways #keeponkeepinon #MSawareness #honda #crv #lookoutworld #imback #independence #burnfireburn


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